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Grigory, the Hobbit Grigory, the Hobbit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ones again a great and well done Animation/Artwork
I'm sure if you're working on a project at the moment you'll deliver some great art and animation for it (:
Always nice to see new stuff popping up from you :D

Tho, I have one thing that I spotted or bugs me slightly, it's that he's head looks a bit too much up at a point, other then that I can't really say anything other then great artwork mate ^^ keep it up
and hope you don't take it too personal ^^

adeCANTO responds:

It's never personal man! I'm glad about the feedback and also happy you like it! :D I'll try and take a look at the angles on the head, see what might be out of place. Thanks man! =D